Stranddans 2008

Very often our shores have been a source of inspiration for both painters and film makers, while only too rarely inspiring dancers and choreographers. Organically however, dance appears to correspond with all the features of the beach: sea and wind offer dance its music, the shifting sands slow and emphasise movement, the line of high tide as an interaction between the dancer and the sea.

During last summer's performances of Stranddans, it became apparent that the Dutch coast is of unparalleled beauty and can indeed form a splendid backdrop for modern dance. The dance pieces aim to remain as pure as possible; the dancers dancing on the high-tide mark, upon the sand and in the sea, to the sounds of wind and waves, supplemented by fragments of music and illuminated by natural light and the occasional spectacular sunset. Passers-by can find a place to watch on the sand. It is free of charge.

Choreographer Dylan Newcomb created ‘Same as it ever was’ for the dancers Piet Rogie, Peter Kuit, Reinier Schimmel, Javier Vaquero Ollero en Cherif Zaouali. Composition David Dramm, costumes Rozemarijn Lucassen. We performed in The Hague, Noordwijk, Bergen aan Zee, Bloemendaal, Zandvoort and at Vrouwenpolder.

Reviews (in Dutch)
- NRC 30/06/2008
- Volkskrant 30/06/2008
- Leidsch Dagblad 01/07/2008
- AD 25/06/2008

Municipalities of Den Haag, Noordwijk, Bloemendaal and Bergen. Cultuurfonds BNG, Fonds 1818, Van Bylandt Stichting, PBF Zeeland, Take Five and Kunstcircus.

You can reach us directly through Helma Klooss:
Phone: +31-70-363 2278 or +31-6-2492 2628

Stranddans 2008